Mountain huts Merano / Meran and surroundings

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Avelengo / Hafling - Via Wurz / Wurzerweg, 38

The Wurzeralm lies at 1707 mt and is the ideal excursion destination for young and old. You can reach the alp from Hafling village via hiking trails 2 or 2 a. A great range of dishes awaits you, such as roast lamb, lamb sausages, changing, refined dumpling...

Val di Fosse / Pfossental - Katharinaberg, 1

The mountain hut Eishof is the starting point of the royal stage of the Meraner Höhenweg. In the middle of the originally preserved Pfossental valley, the peaks of the Hohe Wilde and Hohe Weiße can also be climbed from here.

Proves / Proveis - Loc. Thal

Santa Geltrude / St. Gertraud

Maso Corto / Kurzras - Maso Corto / Kurzras

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S. Leonardo / St. Leonhard - Jaufenpass, 94

Verano / Vöran - Via Leadneralm / Leadneralm Weg, 12

Tirolo / Dorf Tirol - Via Sopranes / Spronserweg, 69

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