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Merano / Meran and surroundings, South Tyrol

Farms and wine cellars


Marlengo / Marling - Via Cantina / Kellereistr., 9

High-quality oak, endless glass facades and a splendid panoramic view: the Winery Meran is a must for anyone who loves architecture, design and wine. Immerse yourself in the world of winemaking: a pleasure for all the senses!

S. Martino/ St. Martin - Paese / Dorfstr., 35

Nalles / Nals - Via Heiligenberg / Heiligenbergerweg, 2

From a total of 395 acres of land, 138 winegrowers bring top quality grapes to the Nals Margreid Winery. Ecological awareness and a sense of quality influence their work and lead to the excellent harvests from which the remarkable wines arise.

Marlengo / Marling - Via Tramontana / Nörderstrasse, 29

Cermes / Tscherms - Via Palade / Gampenstr., 1

Naturno / Naturns - Via Castello / Schlossweg, 19

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