Sights Merano / Meran and surroundings


Tirolo / Dorf Tirol - Via del Castello / Schlossweg, 24

It's almost 950 years that Castle Tyrol stands there on its morainic hill above Merano. In the 12th and 13th centuries the counts of Tyrol forged and governed the land from here. Since then it is considered the symbol of Tyrol's history and identity. In 2002...

Gargazzone / Gargazon - Via Nazionale, 26

Merano / Meran - Via San Valentino / St-Valentin-Straße, 51A

Over 80 different garden landscapes covering an area of 12 hectares with an altitude differential of 100 m. A wide array of experience stations, themed gardens, artist pavilions, animal life in keeping with the theme, the familiar here and the exotic there......

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